Diary of a Blah Mom

  • Diary of a Blah Mom, Entry #2

     This month's installment of Diary of a Blah Mom is about what it means to be a "blah mom" like ME.  So today was my big kids' first day off for Thanksgiving break.  I've been at pop-up shows over the past two weekends for Sweetgood and I am noticing the creeping disorder around me...apparently I was getting a lot more done around the edges of life on the weekends than I had realized...not to undermine the fantastic job my sweet husband has done with the kids and home (and he's currently making their dinner while I write this...what a guy!) but let's face it, moms have certain super powers.  So today I decided to give myself the goal of: "TOTAL HOUSEHOLD PERFECTION."...  

  • Diary of a Blah Mom, Entry #1

    My favorite/least favorite thing about being a mom is how my three kids bring up all of my crappy inner issues...and it's  ALL THEIR FAULT!  Ok...not really...I used to feel like raising kids (especially my kids) was really hard, taxing work.  My latest realization is that it's not raising kids that is hard, taxing work, it's living in my self-created internal world, with all of my crappy inner issues, that is the hard, taxing work.  But let me explain...I've been doing a life coaching program for a little over a year now and the main tenet of the program is the concept: everything outside of you is a circumstance and all circumstances are neutral.  BAM.  I know, it's crazy.  So, your rambunctious kids having a pillow fight in the bedroom: neutral.  The toys and random stuff strewn all around the house: neutral.  All 3 of them talking over each other as loud as possible all at once to be heard but I can't understand any of it: neutral.  My 8 year old boiling over in anger at my 5 year old for repeatedly singing "Elise is a poop": neutral.  My 5 year old boiling over in anger at my 8 year old for repeatedly singing: "Gus is a poop": neutral.  I could go on and on.