Five Fun and Easy Summer Activities

If you are a homebody like me, you might be looking for some fun ideas to keep your kids (and yourself 😜) busy through the long hot days of summer.  These are some fun ideas I've come up with in the past years of raising 3 kids. 

1. Giant Bubbles!

At your charming local toy store or on Amazon you can pick up an awesome giant bubble set.....they are really fun. There are many options but the one we got has two poles with rope strung between them. You mix the bubble solution with water in a bucket, dip the rope into the mixture, lift it up, pull the sticks apart and swing it through the air. So fun!!!

2. Bake a Pie

Seriously though....I know what you're thinking: "That's so much work!!!" But the kids and I made a pie on our recent trip to my parents' house and it was so much less hard than I thought it would be. I do have pie-making in my blood thanks to my dear friend, Anne, but anyone can do it! 😊  Anyway, this is a great way to spend an afternoon and here is a pdf of our recipe:


3. Make Slime

Thanks to our favorite nursery school teachers, we have the best slime recipe.  And here it is!  

Equal parts: liquid starch (such as Sta-flow), white craft glue (such as Elmers), and water.

We bought giant jugs of Sta-flow and glue so we could make multiple batches throughout the summer.  You mix the three ingredients together in a bowl (we usually use a cup of each to get a good amount to play with) and then add food coloring, glitter, gems, anything else that sounds's a pretty open recipe that can go in any direction you want.  There's nothing quite like squeezing some of this oooey gooey slime! 😆

4. Chalk City

I used to do this with neighborhood friends as a kid...and my kids enjoy it too. You need a driveway or some kind of concrete space. Then you draw roads, stop signs, traffic lights, intersections, parking lots, buildings, etc etc. Then you grab your bike or scooter or whatever ride-on vehicle you have and imagine you are driving through the city you made!  

5. Bake Something Else, such as Homemade Granola

Homemade granola is such a tasty and healthy is a pdf of my favorite recipe from my friend Hong-Yoon!  It is really really easy and quick.

If you have any great suggestions for how to spend the long lazy days of summer with kids, please let us know in the comments!!  Thanks so much for reading!

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