Pop-up Shops and Craft Markets!

Hi there!  I'm so grateful to you for reading this, you have NO idea!!  I used to basically think that if I participated in a direct-to-consumer event I would probably die. This is because I did a couple in the early years of my clothing company escapades (about 100 years ago) and I was way too hard on myself when the results weren't what I had wanted. So it took a lot of courage and being willing to feel like I was going to throw up to actually dive into doing direct-to-consumer events again. I am a student of the life coach Brooke Castillo, who once said (in regards to challenging yourself to do something you want to do but are afraid to do): "If you feel like you are going to throw up, you're doing it right" which I absolutely love.  That quote and Brooke's overall approach to life gave me the courage to get myself out there doing the direct-to-consumer events again.  And now that I have done 3, I actually got over the fear of death (mostly) and I really love them.  Meeting people in person, hearing what customers think, meeting other creative sellers, it's all so fun. So far I know for sure that I will be in the following shows this fall:


JACKALOPE PASADENA!!!  November 16-17

MODERN ARTISAN MARKETPLACE!!! November 30-December 1

Here are some pics from the past shows I have done and I will send out emails and post to instagram with further details about the upcoming shows listed above.  Love you all for reading my blog!!!!

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