About us (AKA me)

Hi hi hi hi!  I'm Leah and thanks so much for stopping by!!!  I'm a designer mom with 3 kids running around here all the time except when they are at school which is my solid work time...that's when you'll find me here in my breakfast nook-turned studio, listening to my favorite Spotify playlist (you can listen to it here!) getting actual stuff done for my business.  And yes, the dishes from breakfast are still on the dining room table and have not even been moved to the kitchen sink!!! MON DIEU!!! 😱 Because if I start doing housework, I will never stop. So on workdays I tell myself: DO NOT START! 

My design goal is to create a beautiful product that is also soft and comfortable for children to wear.  I create classic, minimal pieces using a very special fabric; organic cotton double gauze, which is basically two layers of gauze woven simultaneously and interconnectedly (that's definitely a real word).  I absolutely love the soft, open, airy feel, it has a wonderful flow...and it fits our climate here in Southern California so well.  The result is comfortable, breathable, soft and ready for play...not to mention ready to look super chic while playing, which is the perfect mix for all you fashionista moms out there (and me over here).  Feel free to email me anytime at Leah@sweetgoodclothing.com.