Leah Bieltvedt, Founder of Sweetgood


Hi! I am Leah and this is my company! I started Sweetgood because I was inspired by my Southern German heritage. I love the folk and fairy tale aesthetic of Bavaria and the wonderful combination of old and new that you find in the design there. I wanted to create the same combination here in Southern California. So I took the fairy tale look, simplified it a bit, and remade it in a very special fabric, cotton double gauze.
In the beginning I did all the sewing myself on a made-to-order basis but soon I decided to attend a local pop-up market and I knew I needed more product than I could make myself. I turned to the Los Angeles garment industry where I met incredibly skilled and talented cutters, sewers and dyers who helped me make my first “big run” of clothing pieces (about 500, which was huge for me at the time). Those pieces sold really well which enabled me to make more and sell more and grow a little bit each time. For more about my manufacturing process, head to my Manufacturing Process page.