About us (AKA me)

Hi hi hi hi!  I'm Leah and thanks so much for stopping by!!!  I'm a designer mom with 3 kids running around here all the time except late at night which is when you will find me cranking it out to the tune of my favorite Spotify mix cranked up high on repeat, in my breakfast-nook-turned-studio.  Sometimes people ask me how I function on so little sleep, to which I reply "I'm just one of those people who doesn't need a lot of sleep...sigh" (which unfortunately is a total lie, the way I actually function on so little sleep is: grumpily, but don't spread it around). 

My design goal is to create a beautiful product that is also soft and comfortable for children to wear.  I create classic, minimal pieces using a very special fabric; organic cotton double gauze, which is basically two layers of gauze woven simultaneously and interconnectedly (that's definitely a real word).  I absolutely love the soft, open, airy feel, it has a wonderful flow...and it fits our climate here in Southern California so well.  The result is comfortable, breathable, soft and ready for play...not to mention ready to look super chic while playing, which is the perfect mix for all you fashionista moms out there (and me over here).