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About Us...aka me...


 Leah Bieltvedt, Founder of Sweetgood


Hi! I am Leah and this is my company! I started Sweetgood because I was inspired by my Southern German heritage. I love the folk and fairy tale aesthetic of Bavaria and the wonderful combination of old and new that you find in the design there. I wanted to create the same combination here in Southern California. So I took the fairy tale look, simplified it a bit, and remade it in a very special fabric, cotton double gauze. I do all of the design and some of the pattern making myself. Then I work with LA area pattern makers, graders, cutters, sewers and dyers to have my pieces made. It is so exciting to see my creations come to life. It is a privilege to get to work with all the amazing people who help me make it happen. Finally it's a real joy to sell to wonderful customers who appreciate what I do. Thank you.