Hello! I'm so happy you're on my website! Welcome! Here is the story of SWEETGOOD, in scrapbook form.
This is me, Leah! I'm the person behind Sweetgood... 😅
As a kid I loved doing all sorts of creative projects. This is our paper-mache booth at my town's 4th of July Craft Fair circa 1990...all items made in my parents' basement by me and my two childhood besties, Cathy and Julia. 
My stylish grandma (pictured on the left circa 1930), loved fashion and was really talented at sewing. When I was around 9 she taught me how to make a simple doll dress pattern that could be used as the base for lots of other designs. She also taught me how to sew.
I got really into creating doll clothes and all kinds of other things. Here are a couple doll dress examples from way back then (discovered at my parents house this past Christmas).
Many years later, after studying at RISD and working as a designer, these 3 little ones were born!  I started designing clothes for them.
I drew inspiration from my own childhood memories of Bavaria, where my dad is from. (Photo of my dad, my Oma, myself, my Opa and their dog Seta).
We visited Bavaria every summer. I loved the closeness to nature of life in the Alps. (Here is my mom and me hiking in the Alps.)
Here I am in Munich in my all-time favorite dress ever (a Bavarian dirndl). The sweet pastoral aesthetic of the culture (and the clothing especially) was something I wanted to recreate for my own kids...
...in a way that would somehow fit with the unique beauty of Southern California.
After a lot of time spent making patterns, sewing samples, meeting with local cutters and sewing contractors and driving around LA...

 ...Sweetgood was born! 

I now sell through this website and at LA area pop-up shops, fairs and events. Please subscribe to Sweetgood Weekly to get all of my event and sale info, as well as my blog, the Diary of a Blah Mom emailed right to you!

And that's the story of my company. Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it!!